Balfour-Rowley Ltd. Organ Builders


Balfour-Rowley Ltd. offers a full restoration and maintenance service for pipe organs. We specialise in theatre organs, but our expertise covers most pipe organs built between 1800 and the present day.

We provide tuning and general maintenance for many different styles of organ, from the smallest box/chamber organ to large cathedral and concert hall instruments, via all sizes of church organs, home organs, theatre organs, and most things in between. When we tune and maintain an organ, we take care to ensure that the instrument as a whole is kept in as good order as possible, including such tasks as setting actions and checking over key touch, and we discuss the organ's needs with our customers, so that we can target our efforts most effectively.

Another service we provide is that of taking on small projects in order to improve the playing experience of an organ. Over time, a well-used organ will get worn and tired, making the playing experience less enjoyable, and sometimes frustrating. For example, reservoirs and regulators can drift out of adjustment, often causing the wind system to produce an incorrect pressure; organ pipes can become dirty, and sometimes even damaged, making them sound uneven; wood, felt and leather parts in actions and keyboards can become worn and loose, making touch and response irregular; electrical components often have a finite life, and these can require servicing and replacement. Although many small faults and issues can be attended to on a tuning visit, it is often more cost-effective, and better for long-term reliability, to create a package of work to deal with problems such as these.

We take on full and partial restorations/rebuilds/relocations, from a small restoration of, for instance, a console stop jamb machine, to the full restoration of a pipe organ.

If you are interested in our tuning and maintenance service, please contact us to discuss your needs. If you would like to discuss any specific issues with your organ, feel free to contact us, and we will endeavour to help.